The Sports Culture of BCHS!

By Bethany

Sports are a big part in everyone’s culture. They play a significant role. In Japan they enjoy Sumo Wrestling. In the Mayan Civilization they played a sort of soccer with actual human skulls! In the United States of America we use just about every sport to define our culture! Our sports range from water skiing to hockey, from mountain climbing to sky diving.

We have Monday Night Football and, of course, Major League Baseball that we spend hours in front of the "Tube" watching. Those two sporting events are a huge part of the cultural difference between us and any other part of the world.

BCHS is a small culture that reflects the United States. Everything in the United States is reflected in our BCHS society. We have diversity, technology experts, food preferences, and sports enthusiasts. In every section of the Culture Survey, the United States’ love and preoccupation with sports was reflected at BCHS.

No matter how the questions were phrased, the overwhelming majority of those surveyed in the entire ninth grade confirmed that sports are of significant importance in their lives. Question 17 showed us that the all time favorite recreational sport was swimming, with a whopping 28% (even though we are not exactly a port side town), and snow boarding rang in second, with 15% (when the nearest snow boarding place is 1 hour away!). It really shows that it does not matter where you live; your actions still portray what society values.  Question 19 asked, "Do you watch sports on TV?"  35% said, "Yes," while 13% said, "No."  When the TV was turned on, the NFL was our most favorite game, with baseball and the NBA in a virtual tie for second.

So, as the numbers show, sports do play an enormous role in our culture. Whether you go to any games or not, you cannot deny that the sports culture is dominant at BCHS, but then, BCHS is just a small culture that reflects the U.S.

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