Bristol Alive

Presented by Team DISCOVERY

Bristol Central High School

Bristol, CT

Mission Statement

For Bristol Alive, we posed three questions: Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? In our response to these questions, the goal was to be both informative and entertaining (creative) so that our presentation would make our community "come alive," especially to students for whom the community is too often a place to live, but not to know. After a year of planning and research, which included print material, interviews, visitations, and surveys, we present seven categories: history, culture, education, arts/entertainment, ecology, sports, and visions -- the personality of Bristol. Next year’s DISCOVERY students will continue development of the site. Enjoy!


History Culture Arts & Entertain. Education Ecology Sports Visions Credits

We appreciate your comments and opinions on our website. Bristol Alive Contact: David Greenleaf

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