Mr. Rick Barlok:


Culture/Diversity (text)




Mr. Dave Greenleaf:


Technical Development

Culture/Diversity (graphs)


Ms. Linda Kopsak:



Mr. Dave Martin:



Mr. Barlok: historical homes, Rock’em Sock’em Robots,

Museum clock, carousel horses, ESPN, reservoir,

Bristol sign (Town Line), Board of Education

Mr. Greenleaf: Muzzy Field

Project Coordinator: Mr. Barlok

Web Master: Mr. Greenleaf



NOTE: Per Board of Education policy, only the first names of students are permitted.



Dan: Battle of the Heavyweights

Katie: Federal Hill

Christina: The Hit List

Kara: The Fab Four

Charlene: The Date Line

Culture (graphs & text):

Danielle & Jaqualine: Questions 1-7

Kari: Questions 10-12

Beth: Questions: 16-20

Phuong: Being Vietnamese in America

Muharrem: The Long Road to Freedom

Lisa: A Teenager in Spain


Christina: Horsing Around

Gina & Krystle: Time to Tour


Kathryn: The Evolution of Education

Laura: Big Art

Josh: Trees of the World


Karen & Chris R: From Cloud to Cup

Chris P: No More Water!

Danielle: Trash Talk (graph)

Danielle & Saadiqah: Trash Talk (text)


Scott: Title IX

Greg: Baseball Town

Joe: Little BIG Leaguer

Mike: Basketball in Bristol

Katy: ESPN

Beth: The Sport Culture of BCHS

Kyle: Battle for the Bell


Erin: Visions from the Past (Redevelopment)

Carolyn: Visions of the Future (Centre Mall)

Christina: Visions of the Future: artist’s sketch

Technical Development:

Chris ("Jigga"), Chris G., Mike ("Gonzo"), Brian, & Robert

NOTES: The Culture Survey was created by Danielle, Jaqualine, Kari, Beth, and Thuy.

The Entertainment Survey was created by Jason and Mr. B. "The Freshman," the article that interprets the results of the survey, was written by Mr. B.

Thank You – Interview List

The following people were kind enough to share their time and their expertise with us; they participated in the interviews that provided a primary source for the information used to construct Bristol Alive.

Interview Coordinator:

Ms. Christina Welch


Mr. Steve Coan

Mrs. Beryl Josephson (via email)

Ms. Ellen Zoppo


Mr. Vito Hernandez

Mr. Frank Nicastro, Mayor


Mr. Joe Battisto (& BCHS art staff)

Mr. Bill Finkenstein (carousel artisan)

Mr. Mike Ravita (music, BCHS)


Mrs. Beverly Bobroske (Bd. of Ed. Chair)

Dr. Ann Clark, Superintendent

Dr. Christopher Clouet, Principal

Mrs. Barbara Doyle (Bd. of Ed. Vice-chair)


Mr. Tom Doyle

Mr. Leonard Valentino, Bristol Water Department Superintendent


Ms. Joanne Galati

Mr. Luther Schultz, ESPN®

Mr. Jim Ziogas, American Legion coach


Mr. Scott Goodreau (Centre Mall)


We visited the following sites where programs were presented; the information gathered helped to create Bristol Alive. We thank Dr. Christopher Clouet, BCHS Principal, for providing the funds to pay for both transportation and admission fees.

American Clock and Watch Museum

Bristol Water Filtration Plant


Indian Rock Preserve

Memorial Boulevard Historical Tour

Ogden Martin Systems of Bristol, Inc.

The New England Carousel Museum

Copyrighted Material: Permission Received

(from June, 2000 - June, 2002):  

"Good Old U.S.A. Carousel Music" (1994; arranged by Tom Meijer): (Marion Roehl Recordings)*

Carousel horses (photos): The New England Carousel Museum

Carousel postage stamp and cancellation: United States Postal Service

*Because of the size of the musical file and its download time, we were unable to use "Good Old U.S.A. Carousel Music"; however, we appreciate the permission. Instead, we have installed midi music, "Carnival" from


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Site Creation

Bristol Alive was created by team DISCOVERY, Bristol Central High School, 480 Wolcott Street, Bristol, CT. The site was completed on June 16, 2000.


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