The Date Line

By Charlene



1850: Railroad goes through Bristol; Bristol Brass opens

1851: Gad Norton and Isaac Pierce form partnership to develop Lake Compounce

1857: Depression strikes again; E.N. Welch emerges as Bristolís foremost industrialist

1862: Company "K" from Bristol marches off to the Civil War*

1863: Wallace Barnesí spring shop opens

1871: Bristol Press begins publishing

1875: Bristol National Bank founded

1888: Albert Rockwell begins manufacturing "New Departure" doorbells

1891: First high school building erected

*After the Civil War ended, agriculture in Bristol continued its decline while the population increased 30 to 40% each decade, eventually reaching 7,362 in 1890 Ė there were more houses, more streets, and a town center emerged.


1893: Depression strikes again

1895: Trolley service established

1899: Metal Polishers industrial trade union formed

1910: Immigrants make up 3/5 of Bristolís population

1911: City Charter approved; John F. Wade becomes 1st mayor after a victory over George W. Hull

1914: Rockwell Park was donated to the city

1915: Wave of strikes hits New Departure, Bristol Brass, and other manufacturers

1916: United Motors (later called General Motors) acquires New Departure

1917: World War I

1920: Memorial Boulevard construction under way

1921: Saloons officially closed during Prohibition Era

1922: New high school completed on Memorial Boulevard

1929: Stock Market crash; first "talkie" in Bristol

1932: City on verge of bankruptcy due to Depression

1933: More than 1,000 Bristol men employed on public works projects; Prohibition repealed

1941: U.S. enters World War II

1942: Bristol recycles 30,000 pounds of rubber and over one million pounds of metal as part of the war effort

1945: Post-war conversion of industry begins


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