Little Big Leaguer

By Joe

What do you think about the youth sports program in Bristol? Do you think its good or bad? What would you change about it? Well, I interviewed Atty. Jim Ziogas, coach of the American Legion Bristol Baseball team, on the subject. I asked him about youth sports in general, about the different age levels in youth sports, and about male and female equality in sports. Heres what he had to say.

When I asked him what he thought of youth sports in Bristol, overall, he answered, we do a pretty good job of preparing kids to play at a higher level. He backed up this statement by pointing out that in the last 6 years, the Bristol American Legion has sent 28 student athletes to college. Then I asked him what he thought needed to be changed in the program. He replied by saying that Bristol needs more athletic fields and that he would like to see more competition at the 13-15 year old age level. On the topic of male and female equality, he said, Its not an equal playing field yet, but I think its important that it be an equal playing field. I agree that equality in sports needs to be accomplished as soon as possible.


Ziogas, James.  (Coach of American Legion Baseball).  Interview

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