Basketball in Bristol

By Mike

Bristol High


The Bristol High School basketball team was coached by Tommy Monahan from 1923 to 1952. During this time he led his team to 24 state, five national and five New England tournaments. They won five state championships and two New England championships. Bristol High School no longer exists but it will always be remembered for its great basketball.

The Chart

This chart represents the number of wins each year by the boys and girls basketball teams of Bristol Central High School. Girls basketball wasn’t started until 1974, so that’s why their chart starts later. The number of wins includes the tournament wins for those seasons.

Bristol Central


The Bristol Central High School boys basketball team has struggled much of the time, especially in the early years as well as the most recent years. They’ve had their ups and downs. The high point came in 1990 when they were 24-0 and won their only state championship. They were also runner up in 1987. The girls teams have also struggled. Their high season came in 1996 when they finished second in the state tournament. The most wins ever by a girls team was in 2000 when they won their first ever conference championship.



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